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DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 7, 2015, 4:59 PM

For the badge!


1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

7 Years


2. What does your username mean?

Something stupid I’m sure that was a jumble of Japanese words.  I’ve grown out of my high school noob days, but I’ll stick with the name because I can’t think of anything better.


3. Describe yourself in three words.

Pessimist, Solo, and Territorial. 


4 Are you left or right handed?



5. What was your first deviation?

It was deleted a long, long time ago for better crap to post.


6. What is your favorite type of art to create?

Digital in Photoshop 7 or Acrylic Paints on small canvas boards.


7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

To draw whatever is in my mind perfectly.


8. What was your first favorite?

Hell if I know.


9. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

Whatever I find appealing.


10. Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?

It’s a secret.  But when I get good enough one day, I’ll draw them a gift art of one of their characters that I like. :D


11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Why would I want to do that?


12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

Sounds like the question I just answered two questions ago.


13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

Another repetitive question.  See this question above that’s already been answered.


14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

My imagination?  I dunno.


15. What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?

That's probably been filed into the “Useless Information” folder already.

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Changes To Come for My Deviantart

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 6:23 PM

Hello everyone, it has been awhile.  Now before anyone gets alarmed or panicked, there is no need to.  I'm not going anywhere or leaving Devianart.  :nod:  But there will be some changes, good and bad, that I would like to mention. 

As it usually has been, I submit a new piece of art once a month at minimum.  Well, I don't think I have that kind of time anymore.  From now on, at least for the time being, I will keep posting new pictures, but it will probably be once every two months.  This has been a hard decision for me since for the past many years, ever since I joined Devianart, I always made sure I could complete at least one new picture each month to post, and I really hate to break that promise to myself.  But as you can tell, unlike when I was in college or high school, I don't post as many pictures and they are becoming lazier.  I don't like that.  I now have a full time job in Finance (I wake up at 5:20am and come home at 5:30pm, which only gives me a couple hours to eat dinner, do some art, run on the treadmill, shower, and then go to bed at 9:30pm for five days a week).  I'm on the computer most of the day at work too, so when I come home, I'd rather not be looking at the computer screen.  I find this ironic since when I was in high school and college, I would see other artists say "I don't have as much time for art anymore and need a break", and I would think "but everybody has time for art!".  Well, now I know what they meant.  My digital art it slow to make to begin with, so it takes more time for me.  I'm slow at art.  However, I already have the lineart done for my next picture, so I can't wait to seriously color it and post it on here!  I'm disappointed in myself that I have to give up my monthly posting, but looking at the brighter side, with an extra month, I can give more time to the coloring and begin adding real backgrounds.  My shading has gotten pathetic and my backgrounds are beyond simple.  I want to really change how I color my art and make some cool/detailed backgrounds for once.  I think that would be wonderful and I look forward to trying new tricks! :dance:  Expect more impressive and less lazy art in the future!

In other news, over the past couple years now, I've always talked about doing a comic series.  Well, I finally finished writing it out, page by page!  So I would also like to begin drawing those pages as well.  That will probably take another year though before I can post any pages relating to it. ^^; I've been sketching out random scenes from the comic series over the years and now that it is written, the actual drawing can begin.

Thank you all very much for understanding, hopefully.  I am sorry to bring such disappointment with this change, especially since I always enjoy posting my art as much as I can.  I can promise though that in the future, maybe after a year, I'll get back into my routine of posting more frequently.  :nod:  I have considered posting my sketches from my sketchbook on Deviantart since I sketch a lot more in my book than on my computer, but they aren't as exciting as the final pictures.

I will check up on Deviantart everyday, so don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, I just need a little more time is all.  I love you all very much! :love: So stay safe, happy, and healthy!  Your support means so much to me! :heart: :tighthug:

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My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 4:43 PM

I heard I can collect a DA badge, so I'm gonna add to this madness. :dance:

I joined Deviantart 6 years ago on April 1, 2008 because my friends from high school all had DA accounts and said that I should get one too.  We all were in art classes and loved drawing BS for fun.  So I came here and started posting inside jokes and other crap I drew at the time.  All of that has been deleted since and my art eventually took off in its own direction.  Why did I pick the name "kuro-arashi-ame" 6 years ago?  No idea.  I just needed a name for the account and I have ran with it since. :la:

Now let's look at 5 art pictures!

Old Original Art Junk - Scraps by Kuro-Arashi-Ame These were a few of my very early DA submissions that I deleted from my gallery later on.  These were also my first digital pictures! :airborne:  I kind of wish I hadn't done that, but I was lucky enough to find them floating in a random computer file, so they weren't lost forever.  This collection of pictures is mainly doodles of my high school friends drawn as anthros, early OC's, and random fanart that I did.

My Little Nobodies - Zexion by Kuro-Arashi-Ame Hello Zexion.  I'm adding this picture here since it is my oldest submission in my gallery currently, after my mass deletion of early stupid pictures.  I loved Kingdom Hearts then and I still do now.  I drew all the Organization XIII members from the series as My Little Ponies on a camping trip once, and then they became some of my first digital pictures!  They are done in a more original MLP style, way before that Friendship Is Magic stuff.  Can't wait till KH3!  :excited:

Gaia Commission - 1 by Kuro-Arashi-Ame This is the first commission I ever did!  Back in 2009, my high school friends and I were really into the website Gaia Online, and I posted some of my art around there.  One day, some girl asked me if I would do a commission of her avatar.  It cost 15K gold.  Yeah, the price has really inflated in the art shops there now on Gaia, but this for 15K was a good price back then.  After this picture, I decided to open an art shop on Gaia and ended up making 43 Gaia commissions and a few free pictures during that time.  Most that gold went to buying OC art for myself.  The art prices on Gaia are completely outrageous now, so I don't buy art there anymore. :disbelief:

Beauty Stuns by Kuro-Arashi-Ame This is currently my most popular DA submission.  She is also my favorite anthro OC and I have commissioned 60+ pictures of her in the past.  I really should do another picture of her again, even though I've already drawn her many times before. :love:

Falling Into Summer by Kuro-Arashi-Ame Finally, this is my most recent picture submission of my OC Pricilla.  She is also an older OC of mine and one of my favorites.  My art style has come a long way.  With this picture, I've started trying different/small coloring techniques.  We'll see what style the future brings me. :nod:

Final Words:
All you people out there who keep saying "I'll never be as good as you" or "I'll never improve, I have no talent", stop it.  It takes years of constant drawing and effort to improve yourself.  If you keep saying that you'll never improve, then you are right, you never will.  You can't give up if you want to get better.  I'm no where near the best artist, ever, but I keep at it so I can get better.  And you can too! :D

:tighthug: To all my watchers, I love you all very much and thank you so much for all the support over these last 6 years!! :heart: You are the best and don't you forget it! :iconbummy2:

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Ugh, I freaking hate tornados...

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 14, 2014, 9:25 PM

Ugh, I hate tornados. :disbelief:

A bad storm just came through, and my Dad got a weather notice on his phone about a Tornado Warning, which is very odd for my area.  And then long and behold, while watching NBC10 not long after, they showed a picture that some guy took of the tornado that almost touched down.  I can’t find it online, so I took a picture of the photo from the TV screen with my iPod.  Picture link is below, I wish I could credit whoever took it, I’ll keep looking for it online.  The building in it is the church, which is under 2 miles from my house.  Ugh, I used to live on Tornado Alley, but I thought I left this crap behind. 

Picture not taken by me.  I uploaded it to my Tumblr, so that's where the picture link is from.

Photo Link:…

If you have any exciting Tornado stories you’ve experienced, feel free to tell me them.  I find tornados super interesting, just not when they are near me. ^^;

Art Information, I guess. :airborne:

For the comic I’m going to do, I have the first 5 chapters written out (out of probably 10 chapters), page by page including how I want each frame to look in it.  I was going to just draw them, but I realized that I was leaving things out my accident, so it is better if I write out each page first so I can go back and edit it instead of redrawing lots of a page. 

I typically do one picture upload a month sadly, but this month there will be two, even if one is less exciting than the other since it is more experimental with the coloring.  I’ve gotten bored of my coloring style and how it never seems to improve/change/stop being lazy, so I’m going to experiment with the one picture, but I’ll still post it.

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College Graduation, Art, and Comics

Journal Entry: Fri May 9, 2014, 7:47 PM

:w00t: College Graduation :w00t:

Tonight was my graduation ceremony from college!  I honestly didn’t want to go, but I am glad that I did.  I almost started crying when I had to go shake the hands of my professors after I got off the stage.  I was also very lucky to get to sit by a guy that I’ve been good friends with since my Sophomore year, so we got to talk during the long wait and stuff.  I also got the chance to say good bye to a lot of the people from my major and from the other business majors that I knew.  My dad was running all over the place taking lots of pictures.  Four years really goes by fast.  Time to enter the real work force and begin the next stage of life.  It's weird that I've spent four years living at this school and tomorrow I'll be gone from it all.

:dance: Let’s talk art & comics! :dance:

With the new changes to my life with graduating and all, it’ll be interesting to see where I take my art.  I don’t plan to leave Deviantart at all and I will keep up my usual posting of pictures when I can.  I wish I could post more often than just one picture a month.  I have been sketching a lot more than usual though.

Now, I’m sure over the past few years you’ve heard me say many times that I want to make a comic series that I would post online.  Well, I still plan to do that.  The story is planned out, and I have begun to write out each page for when I sketch them.  I initially tried to sketch them, but then realized that it would be better to write each page out first to help condense the pages better.  I want to get a huge head start on the pages before I post any so I can post a page each week.  So this project will still be pretty far into the future.  Plus I don’t think my drawing is good enough yet for something like a comic series.  Now I remember mentioning that I would like to add some of my Deviantart watchers’ characters into the pages when I need a background character for a scene.  I hope to still do this, but it’ll be interesting.  We’ll see when the time comes.  My only concern about that is that people tend to be a bit too fussy over their characters which then just makes it an annoyance instead of fun for me when drawing someone else’s character for free.  I’ll revisit this topic again when I get further along, but feel free to share your thoughts if you have any.

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[Closed] Free Sketches (Read Details)

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 6, 2013, 9:55 PM

 Otherwise, sorry if you miss the deadline this time again, but I will probably do more free sketches in the future. :nod:

This free sketch offer is only for my watchers.  So don't go telling random people to temporarily watch me so they can get a sketch.  I can tell dammit.  Also if it is obvious that you didn't read the journal details, I'll ignore you.  Don't make this extra complicated by ignoring what's typed below:

:dance: These sketches are going to be quick and simple. This will be the fifth time I've done this, but this time there's a couple of catches.  I will only be using DA Muro to draw in. This way you can see the sketch replay which is fun. :D I will send everyone the link to their sketch once it is done. When I've finished everyone's sketches, I'll post them all together on one pic like this picture: [LINK] .    The other catch is that your character will be sketched with one of my characters from the "100 Character Challenge Meme" .  I want to practice different poses and such for a future project I want to do. :la:

So here's the details and rules you need to post in the comments if you want a free sketch:

:bulletpink: 1 sketch per person. I also have the right to reject any request.
:bulletpink: Your character must also be your own original character. Fan characters are ok.  It can be anthro or human or something more random such as a pokemon/MLP. If you have gotten a sketch from me before, you are allowed to request that character of yours again. :D
:bulletpink: You need a reference picture. No descriptions this time, sorry. If your reference doesn't have colors, then tell me what colors you want used on your sketch.
:bulletpink: Pick one of your characters and one of my characters from here: 100 Character Challenge Meme by Kuro-Arashi-Ame that you want a sketch with. Just tell me the name or # of my character.
:bulletpink: You can request a pose for the two characters (example: character1 holding character2 bridal style, character1 glaring at charater2, ect.) However I will keep my characters personalities in context. Describe your characters personality in the comments too so I don't mess your's up either. :nod:
:bulletpink: Post your request in the journal comments. Don't send me a note. I want to keep this organized here.
:bulletpink: I don't want to hear any whining dammit.  If you don't like the sketch, sorry. I also don't want to hear shit like "Why is it taking so long, where's my sketch?!". Wait your damn turn.

Here is an example of what the final sketch might look like: Anastasya and Ruby Example by Kuro-Arashi-Ame This is my character Anastasya (#93) with :iconbubblesishot46853:'s character Ruby that I did last month for fun.  Any questions just feel free to ask. :airborne:  Might take some time to get your sketch done, so please be patient.

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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 15, 2013, 7:28 PM

insomnia by Fukari

cashier by elyokantak

fera + tablet by FeraFera

"This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?"

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Enter My Friend's Raffle To Win Free Art!!

Journal Entry: Sun May 5, 2013, 6:29 PM

:la: Enter to win free art! :la:

My friend needs some help for a school project!
So far there are over 27 art prizes to win from!  
It is very quick and only takes about 10 minutes.
Go read her journal about how to enter here: >>>>> [Halp + Raffle!] <<<<<<
Follow the instructions she gives you and be honest!!  
If you have any questions, don't ask me, ask her!

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The Black Screen of Death is Scary...

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 21, 2013, 5:53 PM

:faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint:

This week was already brutal, doesn't help when I'm trying to study for two exams I had today, and my computer freaks out.  I was updating my internet browser since apparently its outdated, then it asked if I wanted to restart it now, so I said yes.  And instead of logging back in to my normal desktop screen after the restart, I get the Black Screen of Death.  It's when all you see is a black screen, except your little mouse still moves around it.  Can't access anything.  This morning it decided to live again and came back very slowly with the help of Norton I think, but I made sure to move all my important stuff to a thumb drive incase it happens again.  

If my computer did die and I lost everything, the only thing I would be really worried about are my photographs from my digital camera that I took over the years.  Especially my Alaska ones from when I lived there.  Those pictures are priceless to me, I couldn't loose those.  Makes me think though about how dependent we are on technology.  It's scary.

I wouldn't be worried about my art since I have all my art and art I've received from other people posted on DA and Photobucket so I can get those back.  I would lose all my music too but I can get those back over time.

Computer baby don't die on me yet.  I know you haven't been well these last two weeks.  We'll get you looked at when we go home at the end of the semester.  Shit, don't scare me like that.

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OMG, Cars why???

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 17, 2012, 9:05 PM

:faint: I am a car's Kryptonite :faint:

I have more car stories than I would like, just see my previous journals.  Anyway, today was the day all students had to leave campus to go home for Thanksgiving Break.  I have to drive 8 hours home.  So I've been planning for this day all week.  I go out, drive the car around, make sure it's ok, ect.  So this morning it is time to go.  I get up at 5am, start packing the car at 6am, and what do I find??  The car decides that it's tires are too low this morning.  OMG, not a way to start my morning when I have 8 hours to go!  I call my dad and he say to just drive it home.  I'm bloody paranoid the whole first 4 hours because of possible ice, the tire issues, and from past trama of my epicly shitty car wreck last year.  Eventually I stopped at another one of the rest stops on the way to look at the tires.  A very nice gentleman notices and comes over to help me by checking all my tires and adding air to them so they're back to normal.  I couldn't thank him enough.  The rest of the drive went smoothly from there and I got home safely.  God bless that guy who took his time to help me out! :thanks:

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Back To College, Ugh Roommates Suck, Flat Tire Ugh

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 12, 2012, 7:12 PM

:dance: Back At College Again :dance:

Actually I got back to campus 3 weeks ago. ^^;  Classes have been going well and I'm now in my 3rd year (or 5th semester).  

I did get a single room this year (YAY!) but I still have to share the bathroom with 3 other girls.  That's never been an issue, till psycho chick keeps doing things I will not speak of. :angered: Me and the other two girls aren't sure what to do about this chick.  OMG.  Every year I have to live with a girl who was worse than the previous.  But life must go on.  (So damn happy about my single room though!!! :squee:)

I have a list of art I want to get done since I always get really inspired at college and have more lazy time to draw on my computer. :D Two of the pictures are already halfway done so I hope to get them shaded and posted soon.

Also it takes me a little more than 8 hours to drive to my campus from home.  When moving back into college, my dad always drives me there with the car on a flatbed trailer that is pulled by his truck.  Well we got about a 30minutes from home when the trailer got a flat tire.  LOL, why are the drives to and from college always have something go wrong?? (see previous journals for those stories).  Luckily we had a spare tire for the trailer and we were still close enough to home so that my mom and brother could bring us another spare tire just in case.  Always drive prepared kiddies!

My first exam is this Friday in Accounting.  I should probably go study now. :work:

I hope everyone had a nice summer!! :sun:

:heart: Featured Pictures :heart:

:love::heart:~Two recent pictures I bought of my favorite oc, Zira!~:heart::love:

   Comm: Kuro-Arashi-Ame by icurunin Commission #2 - Zira by Cocatrola

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New Job, New Intership, And A New DA Icon

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 12, 2012, 3:57 PM

:la: Two New Jobs :la:

I just got a regular job at one of our local stores as a cashier, and a position elsewhere doing a small accounting internship!! :excited: I'm so excited for both, but it's kind of funny that they both started halfway into my summer break.  

I've already started my first couple days at both, and everything seems to be working out so far! :airborne:

However, if I do well at both, then I can keep working at both jobs next summer. :la: I'm also going to be working at both jobs when I come back on my Thanksgiving/Winter/Spring Breaks as well! :woohoo:  I really hope I don't mess up and I do a really good job at them both!! :pray:

I also seem a lot happier now that I have so much to do.  I like to be kept busy.  And I don't think this will cause me to make art less often.  Even though I'm kind of slow on that already. ^^;

:love: New DA Icon :love:  

I finally have a new DA icon after a year!  And the art this time is also not mine. ^^;  My icon came from an art trade picture I had with :iconpyorling: and she said I could use it.  :iconbummy3:  GO CHECK OUT HER ART, it is amazing!!! :iconexplodelaplz:

My new icon came from this picture of my character Zira: Happy Monday by Pyorling :airborne:

I love pixel art!! :heart: I need to try harder so I can make it too! :squee:

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Any Animation Advice? Whats On Your Tumblr?

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 25, 2012, 8:25 PM

:? Do you have any animation advice? :?

Well I tried my first animation I guess.  ^^; I tried animating my DA icon to blink her eyes.  It is not very good, but I'm kind of excited for it since it is my first attempt.  

So here's my question: Does anyone work well with animating pictures, and do you have any advice or tips?  Any special program or website you use?  Any small details to remember?  When looking at my blinking DA icon, anything I did wrong or could've done better?

Thanks in advance for any ideas or help! :glomp:

Lol, this is fun, just made this one from using one of her drawings: :iconpantherartist: Fabulous! :heart:

:iconlawooplz: What do you put on your Tumblr? :iconlawooplz:

Ok, I feel stupid for asking, but what do you put on your Tumblr if you have one?  

My friend got me addicted to the site and stalk blogs relating to fandoms I like. :la: But what do you post on your own personal account that isn't just a reblog?  I'm wondering because I wouldn't know what nonsense to put on one if I did make one.  I see that most other artists use their Tumblrs to post art.  Just curious really.  Anyone willing to share?

Yes, I am a n00b, feel free to laugh.

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Discouragement, FA, Comics, ect

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 11, 2012, 3:53 PM

:disbelief: Art Discouragement :disbelief:

Well, I've hit a road block when it comes to art.  I sketch all the time in my sketchbooks and love to, but when it comes to doing my regular full color digital pictures, I feel really unmotivated or hate the sketch of what I was going to color.  I feel I have stopped improving on anatomy and everything, and while I see the other anthro artists I love and admire evolve with every new picture they post, mine seem to be getting worse from what I used to do.  I've come to a halt but I'll try to get over it.  Plus those full color pictures I do take forever, and I always feel like I'm lacking time now days. Don't worry, I'm not quitting art or anything, just kinda blah.  This isnt me trying to ask for pity or anything, I just decided to throw out my thoughts.

:gallery: FurAffinity Account :gallery:

Yes, I do have an FA account.  I didn't care to bring it up, but someone found it and thought it was another person, so I decided I should mention it, in case someone else found came across it.  It's the same name as my Deviantart name, but I'm very inactive on it.  I just use the site to throw my art around some more and visit the forums to see what's going on in the community.

:reading: Comic Series Im Doing :reading:

I think I mentioned doing a comic a year ago in a poll once but I haven't actually started drawing any of it till recently.  I will be doing one very long comic series, along with a couple very short side comics that connect with the main story, but they focus on giving some of my side characters a background story.  The comic will be very odd and stupid, but I've got this big story nonsense in my head with my characters, so I want to draw it.  However, I'm not sure if I should make a separate DA account for the comic pages or just post them on this account.  I'm worried my comic pages being posted on this account would annoy people after a while.   More details on this comic subject later.  I will say this though, sketching my characters interacting and doing things instead of drawing them as just my regular full color pictures, is a lot more fun for me.

:work: Random College Status :work:

There are only two more weeks of classes and then finals week.  Then I will be done for the semester and get ready for summer.  My classes are going well and hopefully nothing goes drastically wrong for some weird reason before the end.  I'll definitely have more time for art when school gets out.  This is also the fastest semester I've had so far.  It went by so quickly.

:heart: Featured Pictures :heart:

Here's some pictures I've bought a month or so ago from some of my watchers.  Thought I'd share them again here.  The characters are mine obviously.

   Commission 002 Paid by Gamal-the-rookie :thumb284297335:
   In the sun by ImYourBeautifulNote
   COMMISION FOR KURO-ARASHI-AME by shepFURd-DoG:thumb288910060:

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Deadly Crash Driving Back to Campus, Coincidence?

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 11, 2012, 5:34 PM

Did I see this guy before his deadly crash?

Well, I got an interesting story this time involving a car accident again, and thankfully it wasnt me this time again.  Anyway, heres the story so tell me what you think.

Spring Break is over so I had to drive 8 hours back to my college campus today.  The turnpike/interstates are normally 65mph which is the speed I drive at, which tends to tick people off who like to go faster than the speed limit.  Well, while I was driving on the interstate toward my campus after 7 hours of driving, this crazy guy did something really stupid.  I was going 69mph in the right lane, but this red full size pinkup truck didnt like that I guess.  So the guy drives at a crazy fast speed passing me on the road's shoulder (super illegal), and then cut in front of me while crossing over two lanes, and giving me "the middle finger" in the process.  I brushed it off and watched the guy drive off while cutting through a lot of people ahead of me in the process.

I dont remember how many minutes later, maybe 10-20 minutes, but some time later on that same road, everyone came to a dead stop for as far as I could see.  We all shut down our cars and waited.  Five guys from my campus who stopped in the lane next to my car got out and started throwing a football around.  I called my dad and he said there was a big accident ahead so we cant go anywhere.  Thats when I started wondering if that red pickup truck was a part of it since he was the only crazy driver I had recently seen.  Finally the firefighters behind us got everyone to turn their cars around and directed us to head to the lanes heading south (we were all heading north).  I was so flusterated along with the other guys from my campus, because we were 5 miles from our exit and 15minutes from campus.

So eventually after spending another 2 hours driving around, and almost out of gas, I got to my college campus from some other backroads since the main was obviously now blocked.

So I go to my dorm room and skype my parents and asked about news on the accident and asked if there was a "big, full size red pickup truck" involved.  My mom found the story online with a picture of the accident.  The picture was of a full size RED pickup truck that was on fire and rolled over.  The story said that the truck was going at a high speed, hit a concrete guardrail that was separating the two lanes, and rolled over which somehow caught fire.  The driver was killed and said to probably have died on impact.

So, was the red pickup truck that had the accident the same truck I saw that was acting very illegal passing me earlier a total coincidence or not??  I'm pretty damn sure it was the same truck, also considering the lack of red pickup trucks on the road today, but who knows.  If it was the same guy, then it's a very freaky thought knowing that I saw this guy before he wrecked and died.

UPDATE: More of the story was released and from other witness reports, it was the same guy I saw.  Other witnesses said he had been driving erratically and out of control for miles before his deadly crash.  Im still shocked at how this all turned out.  Remember to always drive safely people, because you never know what lies down the road for you.

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My art needs help. Please Critique/Shred my work.

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 18, 2012, 11:30 AM

Please Critique/Rip apart my art

I've been looking at my art pieces and my sketchbooks for a while, and I decided that I need to ask others for help.  My art doesn't look like it's improving at all and different issues keep bugging me. :X After I finish a picture or sketch, I always see major anatomy problems or issues with the heads and such.  :noes: Sometimes people on DA will also point out issues that some of my pieces have that I would've never noticed.  

I really want to improve my art, so if anyone has the time, then I would really appreciate it if you could comment here in this journal, on things you might have noticed I have problems with in my drawings. :heart: Or even better, find a picture in my gallery that bugs you, and comment here telling me the things I did wrong with it and how I could've fixed it.  Please feel free to rip my pieces apart and constructively criticize them.  Don't worry about hurting my feelings, because I know I won't get better unless people are brutally honest about the problems with them. :nod:  My only thing is no stupid comments, like "I hate anthro art, so it sucks!", because that's no help at all. :| And I'm asking anyone to help, because it's harder for artists to see their own mistakes, so outside help would be great!

So thank you anyone who is willing to take a look at my art and help me find things that I need to improve on! :glomp: All the help means a lot to me!  And please dont tell me that it's all fine and perfect, that's also not helping.  I honestly do want help to improve and Im not here looking to be told how great it is.

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Who is selling Point Commissions? I want to buy!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 5, 2012, 9:51 PM

:points::heart: I want to buy some point commissions :heart::points:

I currently have some extra points, and I was looking to buy a few point commissions from some people. :nod: I am a huge art collector and I am always commissioning art of my favorite anthro and human characters.  So if you are currently open for point commissions, then post a link to your information in the comments please, and Ill take a look! :love: I probably wont commission everyone who posts since I have only have so many points, but I will ask to buy point commissions again in the future when I get my other characters drawn. :la: So if I dont commission you this time, then I might commission you the next time.  So look below for the info on my 2 characters I would like drawn, if youre interested in possibly selling me some of your art! :heart:

My Characters I Want to Buy Art of:

:bulletblue:Anthro OC::bulletblue:

:bulletgreen:Name: Rayna
:bulletgreen:Gender: Female
:bulletgreen:Species: She's a mix, but most people compare her to a snow fox.
:bulletgreen:Details to Remember: She has light blue flame marks on her arms and tail.  She also has a fluff of fur that covers and goes around her whole neck.  Her eyes are GREEN.  Her muzzle is short/small, so dont make it long like a wolf or fox.  Feel free to change her outfit up, but keep it blue and somewhat in theme.
:bulletgreen:Personality: Innocent, Shy, Sweet, Blushes alot.
:bulletgreen:Reference Pictures of Her: , ,… ,… ,… ,…


:bulletblue:Human OC::bulletblue:

:bulletgreen:Name: Zira
:bulletgreen:Gender: Female
:bulletgreen:Details to Remember: Her hair is dark blue.  Her eyes are green.  Her ears are slightly pointed like an elf's.  Her hair is cropped straight along the bottom.  She has 2 black bladed swords but drawing them can be optional.  She has small black hoop earrings.
:bulletgreen:Personality: Cheerful, Friendly, Determined.
:bulletgreen:Reference Picture of Her:…,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,…

Commissioned List:

:iconvalentinehearts: :heart::heart: 
:iconscouterv: Will Soon Commission, Thinking Out Details.
:icongamal-the-rookie: :heart: Commission 002 Paid by Gamal-the-rookie:heart:
:iconshepfurd-dog: :heart: COMMISION FOR KURO-ARASHI-AME by shepFURd-DoG:heart:
:icontavithetiger: :heart::thumb284297335::heart:
:iconimyourbeautifulnote: :heart: In the sun by ImYourBeautifulNote:heart:
:iconpandajang: :heart::thumb288910060::heart:
:iconblossomrainfall: :heart::thumb428258268::heart: & :heart::thumb428258611::heart:

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Thank You Everyone and Current Art Status

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 2, 2012, 12:42 PM

Thank You for all the Birthday Wishes!!

I know I thanked everyone individually already, but I wanted to say thank you again.  Yesterday I came back to my dorm room after an 8am exam and was very shocked to see all Birthday messages that was sent to my page! :wow: It really made my day and meant alot to me.  You all are so wonderful and I feel so honored to have to many generous people on my DA page!! :heart: So thank you all again for the heartwarming messages and gifts that were sent to me! :tighthug:

I have been getting alot of questions about my day and how old I now am.  Yesterday I turned 20 years old which I wasnt really looking forward to, but I cant stop that.  It was pretty much an ordinary day for me.  I got up and went to my classes and did my college work.  And I havent celebrated my birthday with any of my friends in about 6 years anyway (since Middle School), so it doesnt bother me at all.  Plus my friends always forgot in High School, so I gave up on even mentioning it, except the teachers would always remember and bring it up, ugh did not want. :lmao:  I just celebrate with my parents, brother, and some of the crazy relatives.  I do live about 9 hours from home now due to college, so my family sent me a big package of my favortie college snacks, girl scout cookies, and some presents.  So that was nice.  Since Im at college, there was no cake, but my mom said wanted to get me one when I drive back home for Spring Break, so I look forward to that. :cake:  My relatives also kept trying to call my cell phone while I was in class, so that was bothersome at the time.  So overall it was an average day, and it was rainy and dark out, but its always been way on every February 1st that I can remember. :la:

:iconsuperheroglompplz: So lastly, thank you again everyone for caring, and always supporting me here on Deviantart!! :iconglompglompplz:

Art Status

Right now Im getting hammered with college work, no lie, so things are kind of slow.  Im currently working on a commission that I hope to complete by the weekend. :nod: I also have a bust picture I want to get done of one of my new characters.  

Also, Im pretty sure that everyone on DA recieved the DA notice about the Valentines thing (Heres the link to what Im talking about: ).  I personally hate Valentines Day because I find it to be pointless and normally wear all black that day just to be annoying.  But I know other people like the holiday, so Im thinking about making a picture to contribute to it if I have time.  I think I know what I would draw for it, but feel free to share any ideas you have or what youre doing for it yourself if youre participating. :heart:

I also have a huge art project or mutliple ones that I would like to do, but Ill hold off any details of it for now and address it in a different journal when I get the other art stuff out of the way.

:heart: Random Features :heart:

Heres just some art made by a couple of my  friends that I decided to feature in here.

   Nisha of the Night by silentstorm887 Dive by Pantherartist :thumb282623795:
  :thumb268505210: Behemoth + Leviathan by Pantherartist Doodlieness by cheetahartist

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Paypal/Point Commissions Information

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 11, 2012, 8:25 PM

Policy's, Will/Wont Draw, Extra Info

As a heads up, I have a full time job now, so a commission might take me a couple of weeks, but not longer than a month.  If you want a commission, then please send me a NOTE.  If you have a question then feel to comment here and Ill get back to you.  I also have the right to reject any request/offer.  Any rules or prices that are stated below, are not negotiable.  

Will Do:
:bulletpink: FEMALE anthros & humans
:bulletpink: MALE anthros
:bulletpink: MAYBE Sonic type OC's
:bulletpink: MAYBE groups or pairs

Wont Do:
:bulletpink: MALE humans
:bulletpink: Fanart
:bulletpink: 18+ & nudity
:bulletpink: Pregnant, layers of fat (chubby OCs are ok)
:bulletpink: Feral form animals
:bulletpink: Complicated Backgrounds
:bulletpink: Character Descriptions

Size Chart/Types Below
Commission Size Chart by Kuro-Arashi-Ame

Point Commissions

If you're looking to buy a commission from me with DA Points, send me a NOTE with your order.  When I have confirmed it, send me the full payment upfront.  I will not start the commission until the payment has been received.  Your order should be completed in about a week unless an emergency comes up. You also may ask to see a quick sketch of it to make any changes before I officially start lining and coloring it.


In Full Color
:bulletpink: Fullbody:  2400:points:
:bulletpink: Knees-Up:  2000:points:
:bulletpink: Waist-Up:  1600:points:
:bulletpink: Chest-Up:  1200:points:
:bulletpink: Headshot:  800:points:

Car Wreck, New College Semester, No Roommate

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 9, 2012, 8:15 PM

My 1st Car Wreck (Pictures Below)

As some of you might already know, I was in a car accident in December a week before Christmas when I was driving back home from college for the Holidays.  It was an 8 hour drive back and a light snow storm started up that morning.  I made it about an hour away from campus when I hit a huge sheet of ice on the road, mega FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU!  It turned my car to slam head on into the guardrail at 65mph, rebounded off the guardrail to spin once around and slam it again, then a final second spin around.  Ended up faceing backwards on the interstate, completely up against the guardrail on my driver's side window so I couldnt even open it.  I wasnt hurt at all even with all the car slamming and rapid spinning.  Had to wait till no one was coming to thankfully turn it around since it still moved somewhat, get it off the guardrail away, from the road, and onto the grass sides.  I was still 7 hours from home but good thing I had many relatives in the area and my aunt came and got me.  Im still very upset about my car, it was a used 9 year old Dodge Neon, but I loved it very much.  R.I.P. Smokex :heart:

Also, I put some of the pics of my car together, taken a few weeks after the wreck when it was sitting in the car lot, in case anyone wanted to see.  Heres the link if you want to see the damage: :camera:… :camera: Sorry for the red marks, but I had to censor the tags the lot had placed on it.  There are also 3 long gashes along the sides near the back of the car, but you cant see them in those pics.  I also got a picture of the guardrail I hit, and my car pushed it back like 2feet away from the road, like DAMN!  Way to go out with a bang.  Im currently borrowing my Dad's car while he looks for another used car for me.  

New College Semester, No Roommate?

The new college semester started, yay I guess, Im starting my 4th Semester here.  The first day was pretty crazy, and had a situation with a finance class I scheduled, hopefully I can still stay in since I apparently wasnt supposed to take it yet if I didnt take my Management class first.  But Im taking them both this semester so hopefully I wont have to lose Finance for now.  Public Speaking class, do not want.  Also I have about 3 weeks to decide whether I want to be an MIS or an Accounting Major.  I was originally going for MIS, but Im having second last minute thoughts, plus I enjoy Accounting and math.  My first MIS class starts tomorrow so Ill have to see how that goes.  Sad that I couldnt continue my ice/figure skating class, but it wouldnt fit into my schedule this semester. =_____=  Im boss on the ice rink, thank you Alaska.  Now lets see how this semester goes, fabulous.

Also my princess roommate moved into the other room (HELL YEAH) and the school scheduled to have a new girl move into my room this semester (HELL NO).  And judgeing from the little part of her facebook I could creep on, she was like the love child of my current roommates (shit shit shit).  Well I know to be nice to the new roommates as always (atleast until they get annoying), but when I got to campus, no one had moved it.  She was also removed from our suite list, so I might have the room to myself the whole semester!! :woohoo:  WINNING!!

:heart: Random Features :heart:

Old Art I Commissioned of My 2 precious OC's that I found posted on DA.  
Ive commissioned/recieved 90+ pics of art for these 2 OC's so far.
Here are my OC's Photobucket Art Collections: :bulletpink:… :bulletpink:… :bulletpink:

   Rayna_comission by Miwa-MooCow Commission: OC and Kimblee by dontcallmenymphadora
   gaia commission XXIV by starbunnies Two swords and a woman by dina-th Rayna Art Commision by Striker479

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